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Website Aims

I first became interested in researching my Family History and Genealogy durng June 1998. We had recently lost my Father - in - Law and in the past my Father had said he had constructed our Family Tree but then I had no interest in such matters. Thus began an adventure that took me to places I did not know existed.

Christmas 1998 saw I presented with a software Family Tree published by GSP which came complete with a book "The Family Tree Detective" by Colin D. Rogers. So having read the first few chapters off I went equipped with pencil and paper to the Central Library, Bristol England with houses the St Catherine's House Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for the England and Wales. I knew my Father was born in Kent and so I thought it would be easy to find my Grandfathers birth having a fairly unusual surname like mine. Sad to say I drew a blank.

The next day I went to Weston super Mare Library and checked the 1881 census for Kent but alas no Grand Father there either. I then check several other counties to no avail. I then looked at the middle name of my Father which was "Eaglesham" and my Grand Father which was "Calderwood". I then learnt that "Eaglesham" was a town in Ayrshire Scotland and that "Calderwwod" was a name from Scotland. My next move was to purchase a copy of Family Tree Magazine and my luck changed because it had an article about how the Scottisk OPR's and Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages (1855 - 1897) were now availble on the World Wide Web. I then found my Grand Father and other relatives born in Cumnock, Ayrshire. Thus began my research proper.

I also typed my surname in a search engine and was put in touch with Jean White of Williamston, MI, USA, who whilst tracing her own family had traced some of mine. Jean freely gave me what she had and ever since has been my guide and mentor in my research. I have since come into contact with distant cousins Eddie in New Jersey USA and Gillian in Johanesburgh, South Africa.

For the purposes of these pages I have started with the earliest known proven fact the marriage of Robert Couperthwaite and Mary Calderwood, and am currently seeking final proof of Roberts ancestry.

I would welcome any additional information and can be contacted via the e-mail button.

Copyright 1999 W. F Couperthwaite. Neither this page nor any of its contents may be reproduced without prior consent of the author. Last updated 12 July 2000