William Frederick Couperthwaite's Family Tree

By William Frederick Couperthwaite of Perranporth, Cornwall, England with grateful thanks to Jean White of Williamston, MI USA, Eddie J Couperthwaite of Piscataway, NJ USA, Lynn Couperthwaite of Australia, Mervyn Coombs of Southampton, Hampshire, England, Jill Gibson Allen of Lincoln, England, Julie Couperthwaite of Bolton, Lancashire, England and Caroline Gerard (for her work in obtaining information from the National Archives and General Register Office, Edinburgh, Scotland) for help and information.

Family Tree Names

?, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
???, Martha (1838-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Charles (1872-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Emma (1873-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Joseph Alexander (1850-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Marrian Michele (Private-)
Abbott, Thomas William (1876-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Walter (1880-UNKNOWN)
Abraham, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Adamson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Agnes, (-FEB 1741)
Alexander, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Alexander, William (-UNKNOWN)
Alison, Elizabeth (-BEF 1868)
Allan, William (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Elizabeth (ABT 1759-14 FEB 1819)
Allen, Elizabeth (12 AUG 1802-28 OCT 1802)
Allen, Elizabeth Ann (27 MAY 1801-7 AUG 1801)
Allen, George (1794-UNKNOWN)
Allen, John (14 FEB 1790-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Keturah (2 AUG 1796-26 JAN 1857)
Allen, Maria (3 MAR 1799-UNKNOWN)
Allen, William (1762-25 AUG 1832)
Allen, William (15 APR 1792-31 AUG 1803)
Anderson, Adelaide Eliza (21 MAR 1876-13 JAN 1926)
Anderson, Albert (20 NOV 1902-28 MAR 1955)
Anderson, Albert Edward (15 FEB 1890-BET OCT AND DEC 1899)
Anderson, Albert Mark (12 NOV 1868-16 JUL 1917)
Anderson, Andrew (28 NOV 1828-3 SEP 1886)
Anderson, Annie (26 AUG 1867-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Caroline Francis (18 AUG 1886-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Cecil Frank (15 FEB 1890-BET APR AND JUN 1890)
Anderson, Charles Henry (1826-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, David Potter (25 OCT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Edward Isaac (16 JAN 1872-FEB 1872)
Anderson, Eleanor (1818-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Ellen (1839-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Emily (1849-NOV 1895)
Anderson, Emma Caroline (DEC 1820-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Frederick (11 OCT 1873-1950)
Anderson, Frederick (1894-1911)
Anderson, George (1830-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Henrietta (1831-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Henry (1825-1883)
Anderson, Henry (1894-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Isaac (21 JAN 1795-15 FEB 1795)
Anderson, Isaac (1802-1873)
Anderson, Isabella (24 MAR 1863-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, James (1815-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, James (ABT 1770-1829)
Anderson, James (19 MAR 1797-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, James (1846-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Jane (1820-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Jane Emily (2 AUG 1878-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Jane Potter (18 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, John (1804-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Leopold Sidney (6 APR 1892-BET APR AND JUN 1898)
Anderson, Lillian (25 AUG 1900-18 JAN 1988)
Anderson, Magdeline Mercie (8 FEB 1894-13 DEC 1982)
Anderson, Margaret Salton (1 FEB 1866-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Margarita Nellie (1 DEC 1896-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Marion Daphne (Private-)
Anderson, Mary Ann (1837-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Mary Ann (1820-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Mary Crop (1789-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Reginald Victor Needle (27 APR 1902-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Thomas (1827-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Thomas (1799-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Thomas (3 APR 1851-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Wallace (5 JUL 1897-9 MAR 1921)
Anderson, Walter (3 MAY 1867-JUL 1867)
Anderson, Walter (13 OCT 1889-10 DEC 1942)
Anderson, William (DEC 1842-9 DEC 1916)
Anderson, William (11 MAR 1865-9 MAR 1938)
Anderson, William Edward (18 OCT 1891-JAN 1956)
Andrews, Ann Maria (28 MAY 1845-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Elizabeth Emily (ABT 1836-29 JAN 1837)
Andrews, Ellen (31 OCT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Esther (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Henrietta (1856-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Mary Ann (17 APR 1829-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, William (ABT 1793-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, William (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Arkey, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Arkey, Thomas William (1860-UNKNOWN)
Armour, Margaret (ABT 1823-2 MAR 1907)
Arnold, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Ashton, Edward (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Ashton, Lavinia Matilda (BET APR AND JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Atkinson, George (-BEF 1865)
Atkinson, Harriet Jane (1838-BET JUL AND SEP 1890)
Ayres, Nanny (11 JUN 1780-UNKNOWN)
Baddock, Hollye Lucy (Private-)
Baddock, Lauren Anfield McKenzie (Private-)
Baddock, William John (Private-)
Bailey, Charles John (1830-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Charlie Frederick (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Charlotte Dibdin (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Frank Cobbet (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Queenie Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Walter Carlyle (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Baird, James (-UNKNOWN)
Barling, Emma Adelaide (1854-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, William (1858-UNKNOWN)
Batten, Maria (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Beaton, Agnes Torrance (10 DEC 1866-UNKNOWN)
Beaton, Mary Jane (12 DEC 1863-UNKNOWN)
Beaton, William (-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Albert (1842-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Edward (1838-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Edwin (1846-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Elizabeth (1832-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Frederick (1839-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Lucy (1841-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Richard (1835-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Thomas (1834-UNKNOWN)
Beckingsale, Thomas (-1850)
Beckinsale, Mary (1794-UNKNOWN)
Bee, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Belcher, Katie Louise (Private-)
Belcher, Paul Frank (Private-)
Belcher, Trevor (Private-)
Bell, Alice Deirdre (Private-)
Biggart, Agnes (1893-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Agnes (23 APR 1802-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Agnes Douglas (20 NOV 1899-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Alan Caldwell (1895-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Alexander Love (31 DEC 1859-30 MAY 1906)
Biggart, Andrew Stevenson (25 AUG 1857-25 APR 1917)
Biggart, Barbara (1864-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Barbara Wark (1841-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Christina Henderson (3 DEC 1900-21 OCT 1983)
Biggart, Cornelius Milton (27 JUN 1870-5 MAR 1946)
Biggart, David (1850-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, David (8 NOV 1808-23 NOV 1873)
Biggart, David (1750-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, David (15 JUL 1805-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, David (30 AUG 1781-31 JAN 1857)
Biggart, David (1874-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, David (4 SEP 1735-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, David (9 AUG 1855-28 APR 1917)
Biggart, David Henderson (1912-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Elizabeth (20 DEC 1848-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Elizabeth (22 SEP 1840-1902)
Biggart, Elizabeth (1884-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Elizabeth Roger (Private-)
Biggart, Elizabeth Smith (28 JUN 1904-22 NOV 1905)
Biggart, Helen (1887-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Helen (18 JUL 1789-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Henry Glen (26 DEC 1865-1 FEB 1873)
Biggart, Hugh (4 MAY 1812-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Hugh (16 AUG 1868-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Isabella (1877-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Isobel (1 FEB 1784-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, James (14 APR 1799-BEF 1832)
Biggart, James (1875-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, James (1839-24 APR 1911)
Biggart, James Love (11 NOV 1864-1 DEC 1935)
Biggart, Janet (6 AUG 1837-12 SEP 1918)
Biggart, Janet (31 MAY 1732-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Janet (30 SEP 1844-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Janet (1 NOV 1811-25 MAR 1870)
Biggart, Janet (25 JUN 1810-BEF 1811)
Biggart, Janet (28 MAY 1836-19 APR 1852)
Biggart, Janet (12 OCT 1842-BEF 1851)
Biggart, Janet (11 JUN 1764-21 JAN 1847)
Biggart, Jean (9 NOV 1794-BEF 1832)
Biggart, Jean Brodie (23 JAN 1832-21 MAR 1872)
Biggart, John (27 NOV 1741-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, John (APR 1775-11 JUL 1832)
Biggart, John (5 JAN 1895-11 MAY 1984)
Biggart, John (17 AUG 1846-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, John (1845-19 APR 1899)
Biggart, John (10 APR 1805-1852)
Biggart, John (1894-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, John (12 FEB 1801-BEF 1832)
Biggart, John (19 MAR 1809-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, John William (22 MAR 1854-27 MAR 1934)
Biggart, Margaret (7 FEB 1762-BEF 1763)
Biggart, Margaret (5 OCT 1758-BEF 1762)
Biggart, Margaret (8 AUG 1813-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (14 OCT 1748-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (9 NOV 1763-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (20 DEC 1825-1 MAY 1869)
Biggart, Margaret (13 SEP 1807-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (18 MAR 1813-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (1 MAY 1803-2 MAY 1856)
Biggart, Margaret (17 AUG 1845-28 JUL 1921)
Biggart, Margaret (26 JAN 1863-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (5 SEP 1761-18 JUN 1824)
Biggart, Margaret (27 MAR 1872-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (1897-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Margaret (4 APR 1727-23 MAR 1799)
Biggart, Margaret (21 MAR 1800-5 DEC 1883)
Biggart, Margaret McCulloch Hamilton (1913-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Marion (10 APR 1770-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Marrion (24 MAR 1822-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Martha (24 FEB 1793-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Martha (15 MAR 1817-29 NOV 1881)
Biggart, Martha (JUN 1770-1782)
Biggart, Mary (20 APR 1807-14 MAR 1881)
Biggart, Mary (1871-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Mary (1879-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Mary Agnes Stevenson (10 AUG 1872-2 APR 1905)
Biggart, Robert (-19 FEB 1832)
Biggart, Robert (25 JUN 1824-12 JUN 1880)
Biggart, Robert (5 MAY 1829-28 OCT 1895)
Biggart, Robert (9 AUG 1855-22 NOV 1877)
Biggart, Robert (6 OCT 1814-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Robert (1886-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Robert (1874-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Robert (5 SEP 1777-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Robert (1804-16 MAR 1888)
Biggart, Robert (6 NOV 1721-1723)
Biggart, Robert (DEC 1773-29 SEP 1836)
Biggart, Robert (4 OCT 1729-MAR 1811)
Biggart, Robert Love (1 NOV 1855-5 FEB 1882)
Biggart, Thomas (18 DEC 1842-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Thomas (1889-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Thomas (1847-17 OCT 1917)
Biggart, Thomas (20 APR 1890-29 MAY 1949)
Biggart, Thomas (25 OCT 1719-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Thomas (1862-20 MAY 1948)
Biggart, Thomas (14 APR 1807-23 OCT 1886)
Biggart, Thomas (1760-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Thomas (1 DEC 1809-30 AUG 1880)
Biggart, Thomas (6 MAY 1849-19 NOV 1874)
Biggart, Thomas (24 MAR 1819-6 JAN 1857)
Biggart, Thomas (30 JAN 1836-31 JAN 1892)
Biggart, Thomas Boyd (1872-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, Wiiliam (19 JUN 1803-BEF 1832)
Biggart, Willam (-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (26 JAN 1755-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (1902-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (21 JAN 1776-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (30 OCT 1796-BEF 1803)
Biggart, William (12 AUG 1750-BEF 1755)
Biggart, William (6 APR 1756-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (-30 JUN 1795)
Biggart, William (25 MAR 1810-14 APR 1888)
Biggart, William (10 OCT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (1688-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William (20 MAY 1767-30 JUN 1849)
Biggart, William (-UNKNOWN)
Biggart, William Brown (3 NOV 1892-28 JUL 1976)
Biggart, William Love (5 NOV 1866-14 MAR 1924)
Biggart, William Rodger (1891-UNKNOWN)
Biles, Edith Ada (11 JUN 1922-1950)
Biles, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Biles, George (26 SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
Biles, Georgina Blanche (14 DEC 1919-15 MAR 2003)
Biles, James Owen (Private-)
Biles, Rosemary Jane (Private-)
Binfield, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Birkbeck, Adam (Private-)
Birkbeck, Christopher (Private-)
Birkbeck, Emma (Private-)
Birkbeck, Jane (1867-UNKNOWN)
Birkbeck, Jane Cheryl (Private-)
Birkbeck, Jeremy (1955-2004)
Birkbeck, Jonadad (1873-UNKNOWN)
Birkbeck, Jonadad (1841-UNKNOWN)
Birkbeck, Jonadad (1898-1969)
Birkbeck, Lauren (Private-)
Birkbeck, Leonard John (1922-1989)
Birkbeck, Lucy (Private-)
Birkbeck, William (1869-UNKNOWN)
Birkbeck, William (-UNKNOWN)
Black, Ann (24 APR 1825-UNKNOWN)
Black, John (3 NOV 1816-UNKNOWN)
Black, John (-UNKNOWN)
Black, Thomas (7 JAN 1821-UNKNOWN)
Black, William (19 APR 1818-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Alexander (1848-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Alexander (1815-1881)
Blair, Alexander (1875-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Anabella (1880-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Elizabeth (1888-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Elizabeth Cunninhame (21 NOV 1874-1874)
Blair, Elizabeth Helen Eaglesham (30 AUG 1908-5 FEB 1972)
Blair, Emilia (1858-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Isabella (1845-1904)
Blair, James (1852-UNKNOWN)
Blair, James (1890-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Janet (1886-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Janet (1854-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Janet (1790-BEF 1857)
Blair, John (1864-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Mary (1843-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Robert (18 AUG 1883-26 AUG 1911)
Blair, Robert (1855-UNKNOWN)
Blair, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Blair, William (1877-1931)
Blair, William (1846-UNKNOWN)
Boag, Janet (22 OCT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Boag, John (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Agnes Torrance (23 MAR 1863-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Annie (30 JUN 1868-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Annie (16 SEP 1866-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Ellen (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Helen (16 OCT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Bone, James (16 AUG 1873-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Margaret McFadzean (30 SEP 1864-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Thomas (-BEF 1881)
Bone, Thomasina (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, Agnes McKnight (8 SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, David Kerr (2 AUG 1873-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, George Houston (4 NOV 1863-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, John (26 DEC 1861-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, Margaret Kerr (4 NOV 1870-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, Peter (1834-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, Peter (5 JAN 1866-UNKNOWN)
Bowie, Robert Kerr (9 OCT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Eleanor (13 AUG 1786-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Elizabeth (14 NOV 1806-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Hannah (22 OCT 1795-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Isaac (27 DEC 1760-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Isaac (23 SEP 1792-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, John (4 NOV 1798-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Robert (28 DEC 1788-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Thomas (21 FEB 1802-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, David (1824-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, Elizabeth (1852-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, Jane (1848-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, John (-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, Margaret Taylor (1854-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, Mary (13 FEB 1849-1875)
Boyd, William (1860-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Agnes (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Agnes (10 AUG 1817-19 APR 1897)
Brackenridge, Christina (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Helen Brown (16 MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, James (1797-7 MAR 1877)
Brackenridge, James (12 OCT 1756-22 SEP 1802)
Brackenridge, James (26 SEP 1819-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, James (24 NOV 1847-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, James (25 MAR 1859-9 FEB 1933)
Brackenridge, James (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Jane (1841-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Janet (26 MAR 1836-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Jasnet (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, John (10 DEC 1821-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, John (14 NOV 1863-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, John (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Margaret (23 SEP 1829-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Mary (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Robert (12 OCT 1872-2 AUG 1877)
Brackenridge, Robert (23 NOV 1824-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, Sarah (8 MAY 1827-UNKNOWN)
Brackenridge, William (13 SEP 1838-UNKNOWN)
Bridwell, Elizabeth (1851-UNKNOWN)
Brittan, Maxine (Private-)
Brown, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Agnes Kerr (10 APR 1848-8 MAR 1927)
Brown, Annie (27 NOV 1857-23 MAR 1949)
Brown, Edward Douglas (30 SEP 1850-22 APR 1901)
Brown, Elisabeth (31 JAN 1861-1940)
Brown, Elizabeth (19 AUG 1862-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Emma (2 JUN 1801-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Frank (1856-UNKNOWN)
Brown, George (22 MAR 1846-UNKNOWN)
Brown, George (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Henry (1872-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Henry Walter (19 DEC 1853-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Hugh (6 AUG 1868-1969)
Brown, James William Maxton (Private-)
Brown, Jane Kerr (28 FEB 1863-18 MAR 1878)
Brown, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Janet (8 DEC 1852-22 DEC 1920)
Brown, Jesse Needle (BET OCT AND DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Brown, John (1834-22 SEP 1886)
Brown, John (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, John (1870-UNKNOWN)
Brown, John Humby (10 NOV 1825-BET JAN AND MAR 1877)
Brown, Margaret (5 NOV 1799-24 JUN 1866)
Brown, Margaret (28 JUL 1874-22 APR 1876)
Brown, Mary (1858-31 DEC 1941)
Brown, Mary Jane (1876-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Rose (BET OCT AND DEC 1860-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Samuel (15 NOV 1854-17 DEC 1920)
Brown, Sarah Mercie (20 DEC 1864-4 JUN 1935)
Brown, William (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, William (13 MAY 1865-7 JAN 1956)
Brown, William (15 APR 1824-17 OCT 1876)
Brown, William John (BET JAN AND MAR 1867-UNKNOWN)
Browning, Elizabeth (1866-UNKNOWN)
Browning, Fanny (1875-UNKNOWN)
Browning, Griffiths (1877-UNKNOWN)
Browning, John (1864-UNKNOWN)
Browning, John (1838-UNKNOWN)
Browning, Mary Ann (1870-UNKNOWN)
Browning, William (1872-UNKNOWN)
Bruce, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Bugler, Albert (1884-UNKNOWN)
Bugler, Florence Emily (1890-APR 1951)
Bugler, Lottie (1885-UNKNOWN)
Bugler, Samuel (1860-UNKNOWN)
Buirrow, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Burbridge, Elsie May (2 MAY 1920-1996)
Burden, Adam James Albert (Private-)
Burden, Ben Thomas (Private-)
Burden, Ian Arthur (Private-)
Burden, Kevin (Private-)
Burden, Linda Mary (Private-)
Burden, Martin Stuart (3 JAN 1953-13 JAN 2001)
Burden, Mervyn Leslie (Private-)
Burden, Samantha Jayne (Private-)
Burden, Sarah Jane (Private-)
Burden, Scott (Private-)
Burden, Thomas Arthur Herbert (21 DEC 1926-10 JAN 1998)
Burrough, Mary (1843-UNKNOWN)
Burrough, Robert (1815-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Ann (22 SEP 1809-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Anna (1839-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Caroline (28 SEP 1828-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Charlotte (19 SEP 1819-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Emanuel (12 DEC 1830-21 SEP 1831)
Burt, Emily (25 APR 1842-UNKNOWN)
Burt, George (18 JAN 1835-UNKNOWN)
Burt, George (3 NOV 1816-UNKNOWN)
Burt, James (9 FEB 1812-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Joan (14 JUN 1807-UNKNOWN)
Burt, John (14 MAY 1826-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Mark (1840-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Martha (11 JUL 1824-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Mary (2 DEC 1804-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Samuel (24 AUG 1814-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Thomas (1780-UNKNOWN)
Burt, Willam (8 AUG 1802-UNKNOWN)
Burt, William Thomas (11 SEP 1832-UNKNOWN)
Caffell, William (-UNKNOWN)
Calderwood, Agnes (21 NOV 1790-28 OCT 1875)
Calderwood, Janet (21 APR 1793-14 JUN 1868)
Calderwood, John (14 JUN 1789-UNKNOWN)
Calderwood, John (-UNKNOWN)
Calderwood, Mary (21 DEC 1794-17 JUL 1882)
Caldwell, Agnes (1869-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Alan (1822-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Alan (1872-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Elizabeth (1871-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Helen (1880-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, John (1876-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Robert (1874-UNKNOWN)
Callie, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Callie, John (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Allan (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Campin, Emmily (1844-UNKNOWN)
Campin, Francis (1849-UNKNOWN)
Campin, George (1850-UNKNOWN)
Campin, Henry (1814-UNKNOWN)
Campin, Mary Anne (1840-10 APR 1877)
Campin, Susanna (1846-UNKNOWN)
Cardwell, Mary (ABT 1807-BET JUL AND SEP 1867)
Carrick, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Cathcart, Margaret (1694-DEC 1760)
Catling, Verna (12 AUG 1910-15 DEC 1980)
Chaple, Susanna (ABT 1813-UNKNOWN)
Chaplin, Jane (1841-UNKNOWN)
Cheesman, Michael (Private-)
Chisholm, Jane (1845-26 DEC 1912)
Chisholm, William (-UNKNOWN)
Chivers, Merrick (Private-)
Christie, John Biggart (21 FEB 1836-UNKNOWN)
Christie, Patrick (-UNKNOWN)
Clowes, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Coates, Sarah Ellen (15 DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Cochrane, Margaret (1692-UNKNOWN)
Collar, Edward Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Collar, Walter Earl (8 JAN 1909-10 SEP 1964)
Collins, Frederick (-UNKNOWN)
Compton, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Connell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Conradsen, Lynn (Private-)
Cook, Alexander (-BEF 1868)
Cook, Christina (1850-BEF 1896)
Coombes, Anne (-FEB 1801)
Coombes, Mary (-1778)
Coombs, Ada (1887-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Albert (3 JUN 1891-16 OCT 1954)
Coombs, Albert (1906-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Albert Lewis (1914-8 DEC 1934)
Coombs, Alec Frederick (1904-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Andrew Mark (Private-)
Coombs, Andrew Paul (Private-)
Coombs, Ann (1866-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Anthony Trevor (Private-)
Coombs, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Coombs, Bethany Eve Marie (Private-)
Coombs, Betsey (22 APR 1863-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Betty (Private-)
Coombs, Charles (1909-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Charlie (2 JUL 1861-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Charlie Bridwell (1875-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Charlotte Lucy Mary (1911-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Christine Margaret (Private-)
Coombs, Christopher Albert (Private-)
Coombs, Cynthia (Private-)
Coombs, Daniel Stephen (Private-)
Coombs, Edgar (1892-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Edward George (1890-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Edwin (1877-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Elias (1879-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Elias (4 SEP 1831-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Elias (28 NOV 1839-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Eliza (12 MAR 1859-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Emma Joanne (Private-)
Coombs, Ernest Stanley (25 SEP 1919-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Florence Gwendoline (20 MAR 1917-26 DEC 2003)
Coombs, Frank (1865-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Fred (1875-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Frederick James (9 MAR 1853-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Geoffrey (Private-)
Coombs, George (1868-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, George William (27 NOV 1867-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Harry (8 JAN 1861-BET JAN AND MAR 1895)
Coombs, Harry (1869-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Harry (20 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Haydn William (Private-)
Coombs, Henry (1833-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Holly Jessica Rose (Private-)
Coombs, Iain Wesley (Private-)
Coombs, Jane (15 APR 1865-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Jane (21 JUN 1835-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Jonathan Paul (Private-)
Coombs, Joseph (1791-31 MAY 1877)
Coombs, Joshua Lewis Albert (Private-)
Coombs, Joyce (Private-)
Coombs, Kirsty Antoinette (Private-)
Coombs, Leonard (1888-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Lillian (1885-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Louisa (25 JAN 1821-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Lucy (1879-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Lucy Ella (17 MAR 1865-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Mary Ann (1873-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Matthew James (Private-)
Coombs, Maurice (Private-)
Coombs, Mervyn Aubrey (21 NOV 1930-4 NOV 2014)
Coombs, Minnie (Private-)
Coombs, Nellie (-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Paul Mervyn (Private-)
Coombs, Reginald Prince (-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Richard Francis (Private-)
Coombs, Robert Stanley (Private-)
Coombs, Rosa Jane (1892-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Rosemary (-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Roy (Private-)
Coombs, Sheila (Private-)
Coombs, Sophie Ellice Jane (Private-)
Coombs, Stella (Private-)
Coombs, Teresa Mary (Private-)
Coombs, Thomas Andrew (Private-)
Coombs, Tom (1887-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, Tracy Ann (Private-)
Coombs, William (25 MAR 1829-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, William (11 FEB 1851-UNKNOWN)
Coombs, William Henry John (1889-UNKNOWN)
Cooper, Eliza (1829-UNKNOWN)
Cooper, Mary Ann (1820-OCT 1885)
Cooper, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Bessy (ABT 1895-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Edith (BET JAN AND MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Ellen (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Emily (1878-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, James Edward (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, John Robert (1882-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, John William (FEB 1850-BET APR AND JUN 1900)
Copperthwaite, John William (ABT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Joseph (1876-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Mary (1871-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Mary Ellen (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Sabina (1901-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Thomas (29 JUL 1846-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Thomas (ABT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Copperthwaite, Thomas (1873-UNKNOWN)
Coskery, Isabella Walker (-UNKNOWN)
Coulson, Jane (ABT 1738-AUG 1801)
Coulter, Winifred (-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Agnes (1 APR 1805-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Agnes (12 MAR 1815-17 AUG 1855)
Couperthwaite, Agnes Mary Calderwood (6 OCT 1877-25 DEC 1948)
Couperthwaite, Agnes Rodie (22 JUN 1846-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Alana (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Alexanderina (18 JAN 1822-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Alfred (24 NOV 1910-NOV 1993)
Couperthwaite, Alfred Norman Jowitt (BET JAN AND MAR 1878-12 FEB 1947)
Couperthwaite, Allan (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Amber Diane (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Andrew (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Andrew J (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Anita (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Anne (31 JAN 1828-6 DEC 1903)
Couperthwaite, Anthony (7 AUG 1816-1822)
Couperthwaite, Anthony (20 FEB 1842-20 MAR 1850)
Couperthwaite, Barbara Anne (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Betty (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Beverley (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Bruce (10 NOV 1927-29 FEB 2008)
Couperthwaite, Catherine Peak W (12 AUG 1867-15 OCT 1870)
Couperthwaite, Cecile (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Charles Robert (16 JUL 1888-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Christina (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Christina Beattie (19 JAN 1882-21 DEC 1959)
Couperthwaite, Christopher Robert (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Clive (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Darren (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Darryn (Private-)
Couperthwaite, David (18 JUL 1839-20 MAY 1850)
Couperthwaite, David (Private-)
Couperthwaite, David (1942-1982)
Couperthwaite, David Eaglesham (29 SEP 1849-2 SEP 1917)
Couperthwaite, David Eaglesham (10 SEP 1880-26 APR 1882)
Couperthwaite, David Eaglesham (25 AUG 1911-12 OCT 1968)
Couperthwaite, David Eaglesham (1915-29 MAR 2009)
Couperthwaite, David John (10 SEP 1930-MAR 2002)
Couperthwaite, David John (30 AUG 1975-9 MAY 1999)
Couperthwaite, David John (22 JUL 1946-13 MAY 2011)
Couperthwaite, Dennis (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Don Roy (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Douglas (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Eddie James (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Eddie Paul James (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Edith (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Elizabeth Ellen (1903-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Elizabeth Helen Eaglesham (19 JUL 1921-1997)
Couperthwaite, Elizabeth Jane (2 OCT 1891-22 AUG 1898)
Couperthwaite, Elizabeth Wilson (15 OCT 1881-24 NOV 1969)
Couperthwaite, Ellen (8 MAY 1950-30 OCT 2002)
Couperthwaite, Eric (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Evan Blaine (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Findlay G (22 JUN 1883-15 JUL 1933)
Couperthwaite, Fred (Private-)
Couperthwaite, George (Private-)
Couperthwaite, George William (29 JAN 1908-13 AUG 1973)
Couperthwaite, Gilbert (1 MAY 1843-23 APR 1901)
Couperthwaite, Gillian (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Hailey (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Helen (25 JUL 1858-8 JUN 1920)
Couperthwaite, Helen (10 JUN 1817-16 JUN 1858)
Couperthwaite, Henrietta McPherson (1895-8 MAY 1898)
Couperthwaite, Irene J (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Isabella Agnes (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Isabella Hutchinson (28 DEC 1850-BET JUL AND SEP 1896)
Couperthwaite, Isober Miller (Private-)
Couperthwaite, James (9 MAY 1811-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, James (1 OCT 1838-11 DEC 1896)
Couperthwaite, James (8 OCT 1851-BEF 1855)
Couperthwaite, James (1844-9 FEB 1862)
Couperthwaite, James Eaglesham (7 APR 1891-25 SEP 1965)
Couperthwaite, James Edmund (1931-2012)
Couperthwaite, James Edward (4 OCT 1883-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, James John (10 OCT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, James T (Private-)
Couperthwaite, James Wilcox (17 JAN 1923-22 DEC 1993)
Couperthwaite, Jane (BET JUL AND SEP 1875-4 MAY 1947)
Couperthwaite, Jane (22 AUG 1841-1 MAR 1926)
Couperthwaite, Janet (28 APR 1832-28 JAN 1908)
Couperthwaite, Janet (13 OCT 1802-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Janet Eaglesham (22 AUG 1885-23 AUG 1889)
Couperthwaite, Jessie (BET JAN AND MAR 1880-12 JUN 1935)
Couperthwaite, Joan (Private-)
Couperthwaite, John (2 MAR 1813-20 NOV 1863)
Couperthwaite, John (1914-1917)
Couperthwaite, John (14 DEC 1839-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, John Douglas (-1993)
Couperthwaite, John Grey Wilson (10 JUN 1889-1947)
Couperthwaite, John Miller (29 OCT 1921-30 MAR 1944)
Couperthwaite, John Walker Joseph (30 JAN 1937-31 AUG 2015)
Couperthwaite, Julie (Private-)
Couperthwaite, June (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Katherin Anne (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Kenneth Ross (1927-11 AUG 1928)
Couperthwaite, Kevin (1943-BET JAN AND MAR 1951)
Couperthwaite, Lilias (1 JAN 1857-17 JAN 1922)
Couperthwaite, Lilias (24 DEC 1829-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Lillie (5 SEP 1913-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Lynn Findlay (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Marc (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Margaret (BET JUL AND SEP 1873-13 OCT 1951)
Couperthwaite, Margaret (11 JAN 1820-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Mark (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Martha (10 MAY 1844-14 APR 1850)
Couperthwaite, Martha Agnes (BET JUL AND SEP 1869-6 JAN 1892)
Couperthwaite, Mary (8 OCT 1887-22 AUG 1889)
Couperthwaite, Mary (23 NOV 1855-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Mary (12 MAR 1828-3 SEP 1889)
Couperthwaite, Mary (3 SEP 1862-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Mary (BET AUG AND SEP 1872-6 JAN 1892)
Couperthwaite, Mary Ann (17 JAN 1838-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Mary Calderwood (1910-BET JAN AND MAR 1938)
Couperthwaite, Mary Dunsmore (4 MAR 1916-1999)
Couperthwaite, Mary Lillias (19 MAY 1855-9 FEB 1906)
Couperthwaite, Maurice (Private-)
Couperthwaite, May (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Michael (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Michael J (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Nellie (1893-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Nellie Evelyn (30 AUG 1906-1 MAY 1978)
Couperthwaite, Neville (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Nicola (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Norman James (9 JAN 1909-1986)
Couperthwaite, Pauline M (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Peter (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Peter (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Peter (1854-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Peter (BET OCT AND DEC 1886-28 APR 1915)
Couperthwaite, Peter (14 FEB 1814-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Peter (12 APR 1836-13 NOV 1884)
Couperthwaite, Peter (10 OCT 1846-1862)
Couperthwaite, Richard Andrew (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Robert (31 JUL 1837-16 JUL 1913)
Couperthwaite, Robert (5 DEC 1823-15 JAN 1899)
Couperthwaite, Robert (1847-3 JUN 1900)
Couperthwaite, Robert (28 AUG 1785-14 JUL 1847)
Couperthwaite, Robert (3 AUG 1848-BEF 1851)
Couperthwaite, Robert (BET JUL AND SEP 1884-1927)
Couperthwaite, Robert (2 NOV 1808-24 OCT 1889)
Couperthwaite, Robert (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Robert Eaglesham (22 DEC 1878-2 APR 1940)
Couperthwaite, Robert Findlay (6 NOV 1917-BET JUL AND SEP 1985)
Couperthwaite, Robert John (21 FEB 1865-7 MAR 1866)
Couperthwaite, Robert John (20 APR 1866-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Roger (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Ruby Elizabeth (BET JUL AND SEP 1961-BET MAY AND JUN 1976)
Couperthwaite, Ruby M (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Ryan (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Sarah (13 MAY 1834-10 MAR 1836)
Couperthwaite, Sarah Jane (31 OCT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Sarah Petereca (5 OCT 1893-1963)
Couperthwaite, Scott (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Shaun (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Sidney A (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Stanley (21 APR 1921-11 APR 1980)
Couperthwaite, Susan Ellen (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Sydney (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (26 JAN 1823-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (28 NOV 1825-6 JUN 1901)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (13 NOV 1779-17 APR 1855)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (3 JUN 1883-1963)
Couperthwaite, Thomas (Private-)
Couperthwaite, Thomas Edward (8 FEB 1912-NOV 1989)
Couperthwaite, Violet L (Private-)
Couperthwaite, William (6 OCT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Couperthwaite, William (Private-)
Couperthwaite, William Calderwood (19 DEC 1876-1940)
Couperthwaite, William Frederick (Private-)
Couperthwaite, William James (18 JUL 1879-1879)
Couperthwaite, William McIlveen (26 SEP 1819-11 JUL 1874)
Couperthwaite, William Thomas (4 NOV 1904-BET JAN AND MAR 1974)
Courage, Christine Irene (Private-)
Cowan, Pam (Private-)
Cowperthwaite, Agnes (27 FEB 1759-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Agnes (11 MAR 1760-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Agnes (17 MAY 1863-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Agnes (27 JAN 1743-FEB 1756)
Cowperthwaite, Agnes (8 MAY 1720-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Alice (6 APR 1800-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ann (12 MAR 1744-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ann (10 MAY 1807-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ann (11 MAR 1794-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ann (12 JUN 1859-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Barbara (14 APR 1790-SEP 1811)
Cowperthwaite, Barbara (16 APR 1837-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Barbara (31 JAN 1861-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Betty (6 APR 1800-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Edward (19 APR 1829-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Edward (13 AUG 1805-4 APR 1888)
Cowperthwaite, Eleanor (5 JUL 1876-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Eleanor (6 OCT 1747-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Elizabeth (27 AUG 1732-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Elizabeth (22 FEB 1857-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Elizabeth (2 JUN 1762-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ellen (13 AUG 1797-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ellen (15 DEC 1763-MAY 1789)
Cowperthwaite, Ellen (18 JAN 1792-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, George (12 FEB 1722-NOV 1787)
Cowperthwaite, George (17 SEP 1777-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Guy (8 MAY 1757-JUN 1812)
Cowperthwaite, Guy (2 DEC 1727-NOV 1728)
Cowperthwaite, Hannah (4 OCT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Isabella (8 JUL 1868-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Isabella (1836-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Jane (27 FEB 1759-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Jane (17 APR 1803-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, John (3 JUL 1798-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, John (30 JUN 1754-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, John (-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, John (24 NOV 1839-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, John Brown (22 SEP 1829-6 OCT 1897)
Cowperthwaite, John William (10 OCT 1840-24 AUG 1846)
Cowperthwaite, Margaret (15 DEC 1773-SEP 1805)
Cowperthwaite, Margaret (26 NOV 1865-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Margaret (1 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (24 SEP 1873-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (2 APR 1826-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (21 OCT 1724-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (7 OCT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (7 OCT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (9 AUG 1801-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary (19 DEC 1812-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Mary Ann (2 JUL 1843-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (ABT 1680-JAN 1760)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (1714-MAR 1803)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (24 JAN 1753-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (10 DEC 1826-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (17 DEC 1770-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (16 APR 1796-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Robert (9 MAR 1855-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Ruth (5 MAR 1809-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Sarah (28 JUL 1811-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Thomas (17 AUG 1870-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Thomas (24 JUL 1723-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, Thomas Brown (8 SEP 1839-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, William (2 JUL 1804-JUL 1804)
Cowperthwaite, William (19 DEC 1812-UNKNOWN)
Cowperthwaite, William (6 OCT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Craig, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)
Craig, Helen (1836-UNKNOWN)
Craig, James (10 AUG 1861-10 OCT 1909)
Craig, Janet (12 NOV 1815-UNKNOWN)
Craig, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Craig, Margaret (11 AUG 1811-7 FEB 1859)
Craig, Peter (9 MAR 1817-UNKNOWN)
Craig, William (15 MAY 1814-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Janet (29 MAR 1840-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Margaret (1822-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Marion Fulton (24 JUN 1838-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Nathaniel (12 OCT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Sarah (7 SEP 1834-5 OCT 1916)
Cressel, Mary (1762-13 JUN 1835)
Critchton, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Crouch, Catherine (1865-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Adam (-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Adam Leslie (1909-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Alexander Joss (1876-29 NOV 1943)
Cruickshank, Alfred (ABT 1907-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Charlotte Joss (BET APR AND JUN 1908-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Cyril Alexander (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Gavin (-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Gordon William (ABT 1913-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Jessie Doris (ABT 1914-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Leslie (-UNKNOWN)
Cruickshank, Louisa Jane (ABT 1910-23 SEP 1975)
Cull, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Bernard (Private-)
Cummins, Charles (ABT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Charles (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Elizabeth (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, James (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, John (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Louise Barbara (Private-)
Cummins, Mark (Private-)
Cummins, Patricia (Private-)
Cummins, William (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Ann Barber (31 JUL 1853-2 OCT 1884)
Cunningham, David (29 JUN 1823-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Helen (1856-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, James (-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Jane Eaglesham (24 DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Malachy (Private-)
Cunningham, Robina (3 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Cuthbert, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Dale, Mary Ann (1841-UNKNOWN)
Dall, Bertram J (-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Agnes (1864-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Alexander (14 APR 1860-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Ellen (1892-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Ellen (14 JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, James (1869-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, James Murdock (3 OCT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Jane Murdock (1855-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, John (-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, John (21 DEC 1857-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Maggie (1876-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Margaret Campbell (25 MAR 1835-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Mary (1867-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Mary (15 JUL 1837-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Mary (1897-UNKNOWN)
Dalziel, Penelope McCrone (11 JUN 1888-1962)
Daniels, Eliza Jane (1846-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Agnes Smith (10 AUG 1850-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, David (21 SEP 1852-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Helen (13 NOV 1840-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, James (16 JUN 1838-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, John (31 JUL 1836-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Mary (19 MAY 1834-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Robert (2 APR 1843-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Albert (1889-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Alfred C (1883-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Amelia J (1879-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Bessie Caroline (BET OCT AND DEC 1862-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Caroline Susannah (1877-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Edward S (1874-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Edwin H (1878-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Edwin Henry (19 DEC 1848-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Ellen Rosina (BET JAN AND MAR 1868-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Ernest (1900-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Ernest Edward (1872-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Florence Jessie (BET JUL AND SEP 1871-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Frederick Samuel (1840-BET OCT AND DEC 1915)
Davie, Frederick W. (1864-UNKNOWN)
Davie, George (1881-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Harry (1860-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Henry G. (1866-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Joyce Helen (Private-)
Davie, Keith (Private-)
Davie, Mable M (1884-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Mary (1846-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Odilia (25 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Davie, Raymond William (Private-)
Davie, William (ABT 1816-BET APR AND JUN 1887)
Davie, William (6 JUN 1886-11 MAR 1960)
Davie, William David (Private-)
Davies, Edmund Laugharne (1850-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Edwina (Private-)
Davies, Eleanor (27 JUN 1834-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Ellen (13 AUG 1881-BET OCT AND DEC 1941)
Davies, Emma (27 JUN 1834-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Evelyn (1890-UNKNOWN)
Davies, George Edward (1879-UNKNOWN)
Davies, George Thomas (11 FEB 1824-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Ida Keturah (1853-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Jemima (20 AUG 1822-UNKNOWN)
Davies, John (1792-9 MAR 1868)
Davies, John (3 NOV 1820-UNKNOWN)
Davies, John Laughine P (1892-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Leonard (1885-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Margaret (12 APR 1818-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Maria (1831-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Mary Ann (2 JUL 1834-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Matilda (1874-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Sarah Ann (1888-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Thomas George (1880-UNKNOWN)
Davies, Thomas George (4 JAN 1852-UNKNOWN)
Davies, William (30 MAR 1827-UNKNOWN)
Dawson, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Ada (1880-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Albert (1886-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Emily (1890-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Florence (1884-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Henry (1876-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Henry (1856-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Julia (1878-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Margaret Alice (1872-UNKNOWN)
De Combe, Susan (1881-UNKNOWN)
Deans, Effingham (-UNKNOWN)
Deitzman, Mabel (-UNKNOWN)
Dennison, Agnes (20 JUL 1795-UNKNOWN)
Dennison, Eleanor (20 JUN 1802-UNKNOWN)
Dennison, William (26 AUG 1792-15 APR 1793)
Dennison, William (-UNKNOWN)
Dent, William (-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Edith (1893-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Eliza (1884-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Eliza (1856-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Elizabeth (1860-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Harriet (1882-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, John (BET JUL AND SEP 1851-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Joseph (1850-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Joseph (1827-12 MAR 1861)
Diaper, Mary (1858-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Mary Jane (1889-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, Willam (1854-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, William (1890-UNKNOWN)
Diaper, William (-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Ann (BEF OCT 1754-12 OCT 1754)
Dibden, Charles (11 JAN 1817-OCT 1889)
Dibden, Charles (10 SEP 1781-22 MAY 1814)
Dibden, Charlotte (3 JAN 1790-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Charlotte (1830-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Charlotte (13 SEP 1788-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Child (BEF DEC 1748-17 DEC 1748)
Dibden, Elizabeth (3 FEB 1792-14 DEC 1794)
Dibden, Elizabeth (15 MAY 1807-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Harriet (1833-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Keziah (9 SEP 1815-BET JUL AND SEP 1876)
Dibden, Louisa (29 APR 1812-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Martha (BEF SEP 1771-29 SEP 1771)
Dibden, Martha (17 JUL 1820-30 MAY 1891)
Dibden, Mary Ann (18 AUG 1805-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Mary Anne (12 NOV 1784-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Sarah (2 MAR 1816-14 MAR 1816)
Dibden, Thomas (1 JAN 1745-UNKNOWN)
Dibden, Thomas (6 MAR 1819-28 MAR 1819)
Dibden, William (4 NOV 1779-1 SEP 1848)
Dibden, William (1844-1910)
Dibden, William (9 MAY 1756-9 JUN 1795)
Dibden, William (9 JUL 1809-27 SEP 1892)


Written by William Frederick Couperthwaite with the help of Jean White of Williamston, MI USA, Eddie J Couperthwaite of Piscataway, NJ USA, Lynn Couperthwaite of Australia, Mervyn Coombs of Southampton, Hampshire, England, Jill Gibson Allen of Lincoln, England, Julie Couperthwaite of Bolton, Lancashire, England and Caroline Gerard of Edinburgh, Scotland)

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