William Frederick Couperthwaite's Family Tree

By William Frederick Couperthwaite of Perranporth, Cornwall, England with grateful thanks to Jean White of Williamston, MI USA, Eddie J Couperthwaite of Piscataway, NJ USA, Lynn Couperthwaite of Australia, Mervyn Coombs of Southampton, Hampshire, England, Jill Gibson Allen of Lincoln, England, Julie Couperthwaite of Bolton, Lancashire, England and Caroline Gerard (for her work in obtaining information from the National Archives and General Register Office, Edinburgh, Scotland) for help and information.

Family Tree Names

Merry, James (-UNKNOWN)
Merry, Janet (8 AUG 1798-28 NOV 1874)
Middleton, Doreen (Private-)
Middleton, Frederick Arras (-UNKNOWN)
Miklos, Christina (Private-)
Miklos, Zoltan (Private-)
Miller, Alexander (1888-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Alexander (29 MAR 1856-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Alexander (7 MAR 1872-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Alexander Beattie (1825-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Alexina (22 AUG 1860-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Anne (15 OCT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Annie (1891-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Isabella (11 MAY 1890-UNKNOWN)
Miller, James (4 JAN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Miller, James (1860-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Jane R (1864-UNKNOWN)
Miller, John Black (16 SEP 1862-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Mary (1869-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Robert (1866-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Robert (1825-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Thomas (1874-UNKNOWN)
Miller, William (1862-UNKNOWN)
Miller, William (29 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Mitchel, Mary Ann (1860-1946)
Mitchell, Grace (ABT 1801-UNKNOWN)
Mitchell, Janet P (-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Elizabeth Jane (2 JUN 1870-25 MAY 1925)
Mogg, Fanny Louisa (1874-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, George Thomas (1860-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Henry (SEP 1833-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Henry Mark (1859-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Jessie Lenneth (1863-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Minnie H (1874-UNKNOWN)
Mogg, Thomas (1806-1841)
Montgomery, William (-UNKNOWN)
Moorby, Olive J. (-FEB 2004)
Moore, Eva Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Muckle, Margaret (1777-14 SEP 1859)
Mullins, Charlotte Elizabeth (14 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Murdock, Jane (1794-11 MAR 1862)
Murdock, William (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, James Taylor (-UNKNOWN)
Murray, David (1862-UNKNOWN)
Murray, Elizabeth (1818-9 NOV 1868)
Needle, Ellen (1825-UNKNOWN)
Needle, John (1788-UNKNOWN)
Needle, Sarah (8 APR 1824-UNKNOWN)
Neil, Catherine (8 JUN 1834-UNKNOWN)
Neil, Elizabeth Kennedy (1838-BEF 1881)
Neil, John (13 JUN 1836-UNKNOWN)
Neil, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Edith (1890-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Edwin Anthony (1848-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Florence (1885-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Florence Magdalene Helena (Private-)
Nelthorpe, Harold (1895-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Leonard (1896-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, Lilian May (Private-)
Nelthorpe, Nellie Blanche Mercie (BET APR AND JUN 1919-24 AUG 2003)
Nelthorpe, Walter (1887-UNKNOWN)
Nelthorpe, William Ernest (1889-UNKNOWN)
Newby, Jean (Private-)
Nicholls, Eliza (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Agnes (7 APR 1795-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Ann (JAN 1799-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Elizabeth (9 MAY 1802-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Helen (16 JUN 1791-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Janet (16 JUL 1800-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Janet (7 JUN 1808-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Jean (21 DEC 1796-UNKNOWN)
Niven, John (1753-31 OCT 1822)
Niven, Margaret (20 MAY 1793-UNKNOWN)
Niven, Robert (1713-7 OCT 1799)
Niven, Sarah (23 MAY 1804-UNKNOWN)
Noel, Harry P. M. (-UNKNOWN)
Nuttall, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Oates, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, Elizabeth Jane (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, James E (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, John (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, Nancy (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, Thomas (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Orchard, William J (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Osmond, Mary Ann (19 AUG 1804-UNKNOWN)
Paddock, Reginald George (7 MAR 1922-16 DEC 2008)
Paddock, Richard (Private-)
Page, Aaron (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Page, Alvina (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Page, Arthur (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Page, Charles (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Page, George (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Page, Harry (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Page, Jane (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Page, William (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Sarah Jane (Private-)
Palmer, Sidney George (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Marion (ABT 1769-10 SEP 1854)
Parker, Winifred May (-UNKNOWN)
Parkin, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Parkinson, Terence (Private-)
Parslow, Albert David William (1920-23 SEP 1943)
Parslow, Ann (1864-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Anne (24 MAY 1818-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Betsy (20 SEP 1818-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Charles John (28 JAN 1917-27 MAR 1998)
Parslow, Charles William (22 MAY 1894-1943)
Parslow, Claire (Private-)
Parslow, David John (Private-)
Parslow, Dorrien Lavinia (Private-)
Parslow, Hannah (Private-)
Parslow, Hannah (9 MAY 1813-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Harriet (21 NOV 1813-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Henrietta (1866-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, John (28 FEB 1871-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, John (14 MAR 1820-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, John (26 OCT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Joseph (7 DEC 1831-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Joseph (-23 OCT 1822)
Parslow, Joseph Thomas (8 APR 1820-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Levi (26 MAY 1822-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Mary (6 JUL 1833-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Mary (8 DEC 1812-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Rachael (Private-)
Parslow, Rebecca (21 SEP 1806-24 SEP 1806)
Parslow, Rebecca (22 NOV 1807-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Rose (1876-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Sarah (26 AUG 1804-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Sarah (5 MAR 1837-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Solomon (12 NOV 1814-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Thomas (18 OCT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, William (26 MAY 1824-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, William (8 FEB 1832-UNKNOWN)
Parslow, Willie (1873-UNKNOWN)
Paterson, Annie (ABT 1783-ABT 1822)
Paterson, Catherine (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Paterson, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Paterson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Paterson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Paton, Agnes (1875-UNKNOWN)
Paton, Amelia (1876-UNKNOWN)
Paton, James (1848-UNKNOWN)
Paton, James (-UNKNOWN)
Payne, Sarah (1801-UNKNOWN)
Peach, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Perkin, Louisa (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Perritt, Lily Anna Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Anne (20 OCT 1751-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Anne Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Anne Mary (1865-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Charles (1864-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Dorothy May (29 MAR 1897-4 SEP 1995)
Perry, Eleanor (1870-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Ernest (1872-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Frank R. (1858-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Frank Rueben (1871-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Harold (9 APR 1895-UNKNOWN)
Perry, John (3 AUG 1828-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Joshua (19 OCT 1824-BET OCT AND DEC 1892)
Perry, Joshua Henry (1867-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Kate (1862-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Louisa (1875-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Lucy (5 JUN 1798-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Marion (Private-)
Perry, Mary (15 DEC 1800-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Micah (27 MAY 1792-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Naomi (3 DEC 1790-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Phebe (17 DEC 1795-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Reuben (4 AUG 1830-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Ruth (3 SEP 1789-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Samuel (1720-13 DEC 1806)
Perry, Samuel (1872-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Samuel (24 MAR 1760-20 OCT 1809)
Perry, Samuel (22 DEC 1794-24 NOV 1848)
Perry, Samuel (18 JUL 1821-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Samuel (19 APR 1819-26 APR 1819)
Perry, Truby William (7 JUL 1826-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Truby William (22 AUG 1869-6 JUN 1948)
Perry, William (1 AUG 1922-UNKNOWN)
Perry, William (DEC 1752-UNKNOWN)
Perry, William (1851-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Lavinia (ABT 1881-UNKNOWN)
Piper, Alvin J (Private-)
Piper, Mervyn Phillip (Private-)
Piper, Susan J (Private-)
Piper, Trevor L (Private-)
Pitt, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)
Pitt, Jane (1815-UNKNOWN)
Ponsford, Percival George John (-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Agnes (-23 MAR 1898)
Porter, Mary (1772-8 APR 1856)
Potter, Alexander (16 NOV 1831-UNKNOWN)
Potter, David (-UNKNOWN)
Potter, David (3 MAY 1845-UNKNOWN)
Potter, Isabel (-UNKNOWN)
Potter, Isabella (25 AUG 1833-UNKNOWN)
Potter, James (16 NOV 1831-UNKNOWN)
Potter, John (28 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Potter, William (28 APR 1849-UNKNOWN)
Preston, John (-UNKNOWN)
Preston, Kay (Private-)
Pryer, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rachel, (Private-)
Ralston, Ann (1811-UNKNOWN)
Ramsay, Bryce Kerr (-UNKNOWN)
Ramsey, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Andrew (1847-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Andrew Alexander (10 MAY 1865-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Margaret A (1870-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, William (1844-UNKNOWN)
Redman, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Reece, Doreen (-23 JUN 2004)
Reid, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Renton, David W (1874-UNKNOWN)
Renton, Isabella (1879-UNKNOWN)
Renton, James (1867-UNKNOWN)
Renton, Janet S (1872-UNKNOWN)
Renton, John (1877-UNKNOWN)
Renton, Peter (1870-UNKNOWN)
Renton, Thomas (1838-BEF 1896)
Renton, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Renton, Thomas (1862-UNKNOWN)
Renton, William (1864-UNKNOWN)
Reyniers, Carlos (1948-2002)
Reyniers, Francesca (Private-)
Reyniers, Inez (Private-)
Reynolds, Joanne (Private-)
Reynolds, John (Private-)
Reynolds, Leonard (-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Mary (2 NOV 1762-2 DEC 1829)
Reynolds, Sarah Ann (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Richmond, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Bessie (BET JUL AND SEP 1870-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Caroline (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Caroline (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Caroline (31 DEC 1826-27 JUN 1901)
Riddle, Charles (10 DEC 1844-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Doreen (30 JUL 1925-11 MAR 1983)
Riddle, Edward (ABT 1882-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Eliza Jane (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Elizabeth (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Elizabeth Ann (BET JAN AND MAR 1862-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Elizabeth Jane (BET JUL AND SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, George (-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, George (21 FEB 1827-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Grace (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Grace (JUN 1792-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Henry (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, John (13 APR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, John (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, John James (29 JUN 1892-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, John Orchard (BET OCT AND DEC 1875-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, John Williams (19 DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Josiah (BET JUL AND SEP 1867-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Maria (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Mary A (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Mary Ann (MAY 1794-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Mary Ann (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Mary Frances (BET APR AND JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Minnie (BET JUL AND SEP 1875-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Patience Mitchell (15 FEB 1825-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Richard (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Thomas (24 JAN 1834-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Thomas Francis (BET APR AND JUN 1887-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, William (7 NOV 1831-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, William (BET JAN AND MAR 1850-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, William (BET JUL AND SEP 1860-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, William (MAY 1797-BET APR AND JUN 1868)
Riddle, William Edmund (BET OCT AND DEC 1896-3 SEP 1918)
Robb, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, David (-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Elizabeth (1836-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Jane (1810-26 MAR 1908)
Robertson, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Jean (1785-6 JUN 1869)
Robertson, Mary (28 JUL 1833-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Rodger, Elizabeth (1862-UNKNOWN)
Rodger, Hugh (1726-MAY 1797)
Rodger, Jean (3 MAR 1763-17 JAN 1847)
Rodger, Matthew (1767-2 AUG 1834)
Rogers, Beulah Majorie Vida (Private-)
Rooke, David (Private-)
Rooke, Marion (Private-)
Rooke, Stanley (-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Ross, John (-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Margaret (7 AUG 1794-25 OCT 1827)
Ross, Margaret (1714-22 APR 1793)
Rouse, Mary Ellen (Private-)
Rowe, Ernest Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Roy, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Ryan, Doris (ABT 1909-UNKNOWN)
Ryckman, Arnold Melvin (28 FEB 1920-12 APR 1941)
Ryckman, David Guy (1 OCT 1913-31 JAN 1997)
Ryckman, Eva Frances (4 JAN 1916-UNKNOWN)
Ryckman, George Elgin (19 JUL 1908-11 SEP 1976)
Ryckman, Irene May (25 MAY 1911-11 DEC 1984)
Ryckman, John David (12 AUG 1878-5 OCT 1948)
Ryckman, Matthew Stanley (15 JUL 1905-17 NOV 1993)
Ryckman, Robert James (8 DEC 1901-26 JUN 1971)
Ryckman, William (-UNKNOWN)
Ryckman, William Ernest (20 JUL 1903-28 NOV 1979)
Sales, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Sanderson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Scothernn, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Scott, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Margaret (1833-UNKNOWN)
Self, Lottie Ann (1857-UNKNOWN)
Semple, Barbara (1803-UNKNOWN)
Service, Marion (-1854)
Shergold, Kathleen Lilian (16 JAN 1926-OCT 1994)
Shields, Christina (ABT 1824-UNKNOWN)
Shippy, Leonora (1912-15 JUN 1972)
Shore, Ann (1799-20 NOV 1880)
Sillars, Helen (1826-UNKNOWN)
Sims, Jane Ann (Private-)
Sims, Sarah Isla Mary (Private-)
Sims, Stewart William (18 FEB 1946-22 AUG 2010)
Slade, Margaret (1857-UNKNOWN)
Smart, May (1888-3 JUL 1954)
Smith, Agnes (1868-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Alexander (1875-UNKNOWN)
Smith, David (24 APR 1818-UNKNOWN)
Smith, David (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Esther (1840-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Helen (1875-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Helen Couperthaite (12 FEB 1874-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Hugh (6 JAN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Hugh (1864-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James (1873-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James Hamilton (22 MAY 1827-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James Hamilton Reid (28 NOV 1844-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jane (18 AUG 1820-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jane (24 SEP 1846-8 SEP 1852)
Smith, Jane Caldwell (18 FEB 1866-25 JUN 1934)
Smith, Janet (1860-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Janet (1877-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John (25 APR 1853-19 SEP 1854)
Smith, John (1863-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John (24 JAN 1857-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Maggie (1858-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Margaret Crawford (27 JUL 1830-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Marion Helen (6 MAY 1871-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (10 FEB 1825-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (17 APR 1855-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (1869-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Robert (1 AUG 1841-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Susanna (1787-24 NOV 1860)
Smith, Thomas (1871-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Thomas (16 JUN 1816-22 FEB 1880)
Smith, Thomas (1875-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Thomas (19 DEC 1849-11 SEP 1852)
Smith, Thomas (27 JUN 1867-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (1866-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (1858-11 MAR 1891)
Smith, William (24 AUG 1851-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (1832-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William Brtown (12 NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)
Sophia, (-UNKNOWN)
Speir, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Steer, Christopher Bryce (Private-)
Steer, Fiona Louise (Private-)
Steer, Joanna Sutcliffe (Private-)
Steer, Katherine Elizabeth (Private-)
Steer, Trevor (Private-)
Stent, Elizabeth (8 APR 1780-29 JAN 1837)
Stent, James (-UNKNOWN)
Stent, Mary (12 JUL 1777-UNKNOWN)
Stent, Mary (26 APR 1775-BEF JUL 1777)
Stevenson, Betty (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Catherine Alison (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Margaret (1800-27 FEB 1879)
Stewart, Christina (1874-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (1879-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, George (1872-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, George (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, James (1841-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Mabel Lillian (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Robina (1883-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Thomas (1876-UNKNOWN)
Stewartson, Mary (ABT 1766-JAN 1812)
Stirrat, Jean (-12 MAR 1799)
Straw, Martin (Private-)
Summerell, Doreen (Private-)
Takeda, Eriko (Private-)
Takeda, Hajime Benjamin (Private-)
Takeda, Hisashi (Private-)
Takeda, Manabu Andrew (Private-)
Taylor, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Jessie Dickie (1849-1 JAN 1892)
Taylor, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Teasdale, Daisy (1879-UNKNOWN)
Teasdale, Thomas Whigham (-UNKNOWN)
Tennant, Ukn. (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Alma (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Jane (Private-)
Thomas, Thomas Henry (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Agnes (1830-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Ann (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Mary (1853-UNKNOWN)
Thring, William (AFT 1703-1782)
Torrance, Agnes (7 JAN 1810-UNKNOWN)
Torrance, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Ann (26 JUL 1792-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Ebenezer (21 MAY 1831-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Edward (29 DEC 1829-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Edward (14 FEB 1791-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Giles (15 JAN 1797-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Hannah (25 JUL 1833-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Hannah (6 FEB 1799-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Humphrey (21 MAY 1831-UNKNOWN)
Truby, John (14 JUL 1835-UNKNOWN)
Truby, John (20 DEC 1789-1854)
Truby, Mary (24 AUG 1795-UNKNOWN)
Truby, Rispah (14 NOV 1803-23 SEP 1835)
Truby, Ruth (28 NOV 1805-12 OCT 1873)
Truby, Willam (ABT 1765-20 FEB 1843)
Truby, William (1 NOV 1828-UNKNOWN)
Truby, William (7 NOV 1793-UNKNOWN)
Tufts, Elizabeth Helen M (28 JUL 1928-3 MAR 1993)
Tulip, Margaret Elsie (1928-19 JUN 2002)
Turner, Eliza (1821-UNKNOWN)
Turner, Florence Beatrice (9 SEP 1893-25 NOV 1974)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, Penelope (-OCT 1724)
Vincent, Kit (1888-UNKNOWN)
Vincent, William (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Caroline Susannah (25 FEB 1845-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Florence Jessie (1865-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, George (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Henry (1843-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Edith Alice (6 MAR 1909-BET APR AND JUN 1953)
Walker, James (-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Jane G (-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Robert Barr (Private-)
Wark, Barbara (1776-16 APR 1855)
Wark, John (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Teresa (Private-)
Watt, Agnes (15 FEB 1819-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Alexander (29 APR 1821-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Alexander Robb (2 OCT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Ann (11 JUL 1823-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Charles Will (20 FEB 1871-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Charlotte (14 NOV 1825-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Christina (15 AUG 1829-UNKNOWN)
Watt, David (21 FEB 1817-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Edward David (23 JUL 1864-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Elisabeth (12 APR 1815-UNKNOWN)
Watt, James (-UNKNOWN)
Watt, James Neil (11 JUN 1860-UNKNOWN)
Watt, John Kennedy (15 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Watt, John Maitland Dalgleish (6 MAR 1836-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Robert Collier Burnet (23 MAR 1833-UNKNOWN)
Watt, Robert Collier Burnet (30 AUG 1862-UNKNOWN)
Watt, William (1875-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Alexander Wilfred (Private-)
Watts, Amelia Violet (BET JAN AND MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Cecil George Watts (Private-)
Watts, Christine Constance (BET JAN AND MAR 1897-1972)
Watts, Douglas (Private-)
Watts, Ernest Harry A (BET APR AND JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Frederick N (1888-UNKNOWN)
Watts, George (1855-UNKNOWN)
Watts, George W. J. (1881-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Harry Cecil (BET OCT AND DEC 1886-UNKNOWN)
Watts, John (-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Lionel Leonard S (BET OCT AND DEC 1885-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Nellie (1891-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Stanley (Private-)
Webb, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Celia (-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Ellen Hulse (25 MAY 1856-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Margaret (-31 AUG 1802)
Wentworth, Charles (1867-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, David (1878-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Edward (1869-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Frederick (1862-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Henry (1876-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, John (1860-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Thomas (1873-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Thomas (1838-UNKNOWN)
Westgath, Sarah (1700-1785)
White, Alexander (1869-UNKNOWN)
White, Amelia Jane (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
White, Hugh (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
White, Hugh (1874-UNKNOWN)
White, Isabella (1810-17 DEC 1891)
White, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
White, John (1868-UNKNOWN)
White, Marion (1872-UNKNOWN)
Whiteford, Matthew (-BEF 1855)
Whitehead, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Whitehead, Mike (Private-)
Whitehorn, Ann (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, Charles (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, Eve (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, James (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, James (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, John (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, John (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, Mark (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, Martha (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Whitehorn, Thomas (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Wietze, Vera (-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, Alfred (1859-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, Ann (1850-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, George (1855-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, Hannah (1848-1907)
Wigglesworth, Hannah Elizabeth (20 JAN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, Mary Elizabeth (1861-UNKNOWN)
Wigglesworth, Thomas (1820-OCT 1866)
Wigglesworth, Thomas (1864-1875)
Wilcox, Carrie May (-11 JAN 1967)
Wilde, Anne Maria (-1833)
Wilkins, Walter G (-UNKNOWN)
Will, Isabella (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Veronica Mooring (Private-)
Williamson, George James (1883-5 JUN 1959)
Willis, Mary Ann (ABT 1817-BET JAN AND MAR 1886)
Wilson, Agnes (26 SEP 1792-9 MAY 1868)
Wilson, Catherine (1843-2 JUL 1856)
Wilson, Elizabeth (1779-11 APR 1863)
Wilson, Elizabeth (28 APR 1834-1912)
Wilson, Helen (31 DEC 1798-12 JAN 1871)
Wilson, Helen (1876-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, James (1879-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, James (1856-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, James (20 MAY 1849-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Janet (1877-1941)
Wilson, Janet (5 MAY 1784-20 APR 1833)
Wilson, Janet Agnes (16 SEP 1847-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Jessie (1823-5 JUL 1908)
Wilson, John (28 MAR 1788-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, John (29 JUL 1841-11 DEC 1930)
Wilson, Margaret (21 MAY 1832-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Margaret (1798-4 SEP 1888)
Wilson, Marion (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Martha (30 AUG 1792-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Mary (30 MAR 1839-3 JUL 1929)
Wilson, Robert (1755-24 SEP 1834)
Wilson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Robert (FEB 1844-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Robert (6 JUN 1800-5 MAY 1886)
Wilson, Robina (6 JUL 1836-1 OCT 1877)
Wilson, Thomas (-BEF 1881)
Wilson, William (29 AUG 1830-UNKNOWN)
Wine, Sidney (-UNKNOWN)
Wing, Janet (Private-)
Wingfield, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wingfield, Mary (1840-27 MAR 1889)
Winter, Margaret Ann (1875-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Andrew Richard (Private-)
Woods, David Ian (Private-)
Woods, Jenifer Louise (Private-)
Woods, Phillip Anthony (Private-)
Woods, Steven Paul (8 OCT 1975-3 JUL 1981)
Wort, Edith (1870-1952)
Worth, Fred (1899-UNKNOWN)
Worth, Fred (1919-1973)
Worth, Lesley (Private-)
Worth, Patricia (Private-)
Wylie, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Wyllie, Margaret (1827-1894)
Wyllie, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Ann (16 JUL 1793-8 SEP 1793)
Yates, Ann (6 SEP 1786-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Eleanor (26 DEC 1776-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Elizabeth (30 DEC 1781-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Isabella (7 NOV 1790-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Jenny (13 SEP 1772-UNKNOWN)
Yates, John (14 DEC 1774-UNKNOWN)
Yates, John (-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Mary (31 MAR 1779-UNKNOWN)
Yates, Robert (4 MAR 1784-UNKNOWN)
Young, Charlotte (1841-UNKNOWN)
Young, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Zimmerman, Elisabeth (Private-)


Written by William Frederick Couperthwaite with the help of Jean White of Williamston, MI USA, Eddie J Couperthwaite of Piscataway, NJ USA, Lynn Couperthwaite of Australia, Mervyn Coombs of Southampton, Hampshire, England, Jill Gibson Allen of Lincoln, England, Julie Couperthwaite of Bolton, Lancashire, England and Caroline Gerard of Edinburgh, Scotland)

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