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Origin of Surname Couperthwaite

A Dictionary of English Surnames - P. H. Reaney & R. M. Wilson

Page 114


Page 109

COPPERTHWAIT, COPPERTHWAITE, COPPERWHITE, COWPERTHWAITE: Mary Copperwhite 1672 HTY; Arthur Copperthwaite 1675 Fr Y. From Copperthwaite (NRY)


Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames - Bardsley

Page 212

COWPERTHWAIT, COWPERTHWAITE: - Local 'of Cowperthwaite,' one of many local names ending in - thwaite common to cos. Cumb. and Westm. and the Furness district of North Lanc. Cowperthwaite no doubt means the copper's enclosure (v. thwaites and cowper).


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