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Pen Pictures

William Frederick Couperthwaite (1944 - ). William was born in Corfe Mullen near Poole, Dorset the eldest son of David Eaglesham Couperthwaite and his spouse Magdeline Mercie Harper. He was educated until 1961 when he became a Telephone Engineer with the General Post Office as it was then called. He worked as a technician in the old Bournemouth Telephone Area until 1981 when he became a First Line Supervising Manager and moved with his family to work in Bristol. In 1994 he took early voluntary redundancy and started working as Wilber The Grate a Magical, Juggling Unicycling Clown until December 2002. He now works as a Food Services Assistant, at the RCH, Treliske, Cornwall.

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David Eaglesham Couperthwaite (1911 - 1968) David was born in Gillingham Kent the second son and fifth child of William Calderwood Couperthwaite and his spouse Ellen Davies. At the age of fifteen he joined the Royal Navy as a boy at Greenwich and served his country boy and man for twenty nine years before leaving the service in 1954. The family moved around and at the time he left the service were living in Gosport, Hampshire. David and the family moved to Poole in Dorset to be near the relations of his spouse. David first worked in an Iron Foundary in Poole, before a chance meeting with a former service colleague saw him get a job as a Draughtsman. When the work caused problems with his eyes he became a works caretaker. He was then caretaker for two schools at Lytchett Minster and then Upton in the surrounding area before he became ill in 1968. He retired, but sadly passed away in the October that year at the early age of fifty seven. David was a champion amateur Boxer during his early naval days and also enjoyed watching and playing soccer and cricket.

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William Calderwood Couperthwaite (1876 - 1941) William was born in Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland 19th December 1876, the eldest of ten children born to David Eaglesham Couperthwaite and his spouse Elizabeth Helen Eaglesham. He signed-on for the Royal Navy 7th February 1900 at Chatham Kent for 12 years when he was described as Height -5 foot 4 inches; Hair -dark brown; Eyes -brown; Complexion -dark. His occupation was shown as a fitter. He signed-on for a further 12 years on the 7 February 1912 and saw War Service during the First World War with the Royal Navy. His service record throughout shows his character described as Very Good and he was disharged from service 9th February 1923 to Shore Personel when he became a dockyard employee at Chatham Kent. William married Ellen Davies daughter of Thomas George Davies and Ellen Webb who was born 13th August 1881 at Sittingbourne Kent, on the 22nd October 1902 at the Register Office, Chatham. William's rank in 1902 was Engineroom Articifer R. N. and he were based at HMS Pembroke Chatham. William and Ellen were the parents of seven children, four daughters and three boys.

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David Eaglesham Couperthwaite (1850 - 1917) David was born in Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, 29 September 1850, the third son of William Mcilveen Couperthwaite and his spouse Janet Eaglesham. He was described as - a storekeeper most of his life, most active in church life - was a lay preacher of considerable ability for many years. Height 5' 4", Weight 10st 10lb, black hair, brown eyes. He was intelligent, courteous, and had a most pleasant personality. David married Elizabeth Ellen Eaglesham at Minnybae Farm, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire on 1st December 1875.

The following article was published in Ayrshire Historical Commercial and Descriptive 1894:-


Cash Drapery Stores

54, High Street, Maybole

This business has been established about a year, and has made splendid progress for the time that it has been open. Mr Couperthwaite is also proprietor of the Square Drapery and Clothing House, Cumnock, and each of the shops are prosperous and thoroughly well patronised by the public. The Maybole premises comprise a fine single-fronted shop fully 120 to 130 feet in depth, and well fitted and supplied with counters, shelvings, show-cases, and other conveniences for displaying the very well-selected and comprehensive stck which is held for the trade. Here may be seen a range of goods of standard value and of every variety in fancy dress materials, cloths of every description, fine dress tweeds, serges, merinos, cashmeres, cotton and flannel goods. In mantles, jackets, and costumes Mr. Couperthwaite displays a very great selection, while he does also first-class dressmaking and tailoring work, employing only experienced hands in each department. The house is established to retail all kinds of drapery, clothing, millinery, etc, for cash; and buying his goods in considerable quantities direct from the large wholesale establishments, Mr Couperthwaite is enabled to provide the best and latest patterns of the most suitable goods at very low prices, giving his customers the benefit of the narrow profits which cash payments enable him to offer. He proposes to increase the premises by taking over the shop adjoining and when he is able to do so will have the largest and most important drapery establishment in the plave. He is doing a growing trade with the best people in the town and district, and has proved to the satisfaction of the public that he is a thoughly capable, honourable and reliable man of business.

N.B.- Since our representative visited Maybole Mr Couperthwaite has opened the adjoining shop as a Ladies' and Children's Emporium of Fashions, in which he is now showing a most select stock of millenery, underclothing, and ladies' and children's made up goods of every description at the keenest cash prices. We understand that Mr. Couperthwaite aims at keeping the trade of the town and district from going to other centres, by giving all the advantages of city shops to buyers at his establishment.

David passed away 2nd September 1917 at Cardwell, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire in his 68th year.

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William MvIlveen Couperthwaite (1819 - 1874) was born September 26, 1819 at Bridgend, Barr - by - Girvan, Ayrshire.He appears on the Yong Communicants Roll at Kirkoswald in 1836, shown as living at Lagderry. The census of 1841, shows, he was living with his parents at Lagderry, Kirkoswald.

He married Janet Eaglesham July 11, 1842, at Kirkoswald, Ayshire.

Their first two children, James and Robert were born 1844 and 1847 respectively in Dailly, Ayrshire. The next two children, David Eaglesham, and Isabella Hutchinson, were born in Kiekmichael, Ayrshire, 1849 and 1850 respectively.

The 1851 census shows the family living at Broomlands Cottage, Kirkmichael, and William's occupation as a Mole Catcher.

The lat three children, Peter, Mary Lillias and Sarah Jane were all born in Dailly, Ayrshire, 1854, 1855, and 1857 respectively. In 1855 they were livind at Bourtree, Dailly, Ayrshire.

The 1861 census shows the family living at Little Camlarg, Dalmellington, Ayrshire, and William's occupation as a Farmer / Rabbit Catcher.

William died July 11, 1874, at Dalmellington, occupation Farmer / Rabbit Catcher.

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Robert Couperthwaite (1785 - 1847) was born in England in 1785. He then appears in Barr - by - Girvan, Ayrshire in 1812.

The story starts with the marriage in 1812 of Robert Cowperthwaite and Mary Calderwood on April 25th at Barr - by - Girvan. Between 1813 and 1823 six of their children where baptised at Barr - by - Girvan accordinng to the parish registers and these were John, Agnes, Helen (shown as a son), William, Alexanderina and Robert. The first four show the family living in ‘Bridgend’ at Barr - by - Girvan which was a house in Barr village where Robert were a Molecatcher. The family had moved to be living in ‘Balbegg’ of North Balloch, Barr - by - Girvan parish when Alexanderina and Robert were born. This has not been traced up to now.

Sometime after Robert’s birth and November 1825 the family had moved to Kirkmichael and were living in ‘Ladymoor’ again has not been located. Three children Thomas, Mary and Lillias were all born here with entries in the Kirkmichael Parish Record. The last named in 1829 December. Here again Robert were shown as a molecather.

The next two children Janet and Sarah were born 1832 and 1834 respectively at Dailly. Both entries are in the parish records but no other details are shown.

The rest of the children starting with Peter in 1836 were born in Kirkoswald, with Robert shown as a Farmer and the family living in ‘Lagderry’ a croft I have located and the remains of the farm house photographed. The Kirk Session Records show in August 1836 amongst the Young Communicants my ancestor William Couperwhaite Lagdarry and his sister Agnes Cowperwhaite.

The family grave is located at Barr - by - Girvan.

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